Meet our team.
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Everyone is really passionate about good architecture and we always strive to prioritize our projects. It's an entrepreneurial environment - if there’s something you’re interested in pursuing or cultivating within the office, it’s supported and encouraged.
Amy McCann
Shuhan Nie
SAR+ Since 2022

Shuhan Nie



Karamay, Xinjiang, China

Years of Experience:

8 months

What’s your primary role at SAR+?

Architect/ Urban designer

What brought you to architecture/urban design?

The reason I decided driven into different scope compare with the geometry design, I am passionate about improves the mobility of city transportation, and how to combine with new technologies to create dynamic, organic society of city. Jane Jacobs inspires me a lot when I read her The Death and Life of Great American Cities, I am expected for in the future, I will have chance to see the “Vital urban life”.

What projects are you currently working on at SAR+?

Winter Park Slopeside, McGillis School Masterplan

Favorite building, place, or destination:

Building: Duomo di Milano

Place: London, UK

Destination: Naperville, IL, USA.

If you weren’t an Architect/Interior Designer/Planner, what would you be?

Surgeon, Archaeologist

What’s your favorite memory at SAR+?

SAR+ 20 years anniversary, what a wonderful event!!

Favorite Restaurant in Denver?

Mile High Vienna Stand !!!

Hidden Talent?

Cooking, Gardener, Video Editor.

Go-to beverage?

Milk tea without boba, Avocado flavor smoothie.

Motto of life?

Tomorrow is another day — Gone With the Wind


Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Master of Architecture in Urban Design, Urban Design

Iowa State University, Bachelor of Architecture

Lanzhou Jiatong University