Stapleton Creative Learning Preschool

Aurora, CO
Completion: 2018
Stapleton Creative Learning Preschool Stapleton Creative Learning Preschool Stapleton Creative Learning Preschool

The Stapleton Creative Learning Center is a new early childhood education center for Stapleton’s thriving neighborhood and community. The design for this project is rooted in the principles of infant and toddler growth and development, and its scale and proportions support this fundamental. Additionally, being located within a primarily residential context, the exterior design of this project – materials, massing, and street presence – are crafted to contribute to the fabric of the surrounding neighborhood.

Entries to the school are sensitive to the scale of small children and conducive to the daily drop-off and pick-up rigor of parents, children, and teachers alike. Durability is expressed throughout in the project’s materials, and strategic use of color helps to visually distinguish spaces, paths, and indoor-outdoor relationships. Finally, awnings help to delineate and manage the process of moving from inside to outside and visa-versa. This is an hourly ritual for the school, and longevity of the design and clarity of the process is paramount.