We are a 60+ person Denver-based firm that specializes in vertically integrated mixed-use projects.  We’ve worked successfully in a variety of different project types from small scale office and restaurant interiors, to arts and athletic education buildings, boutique hotels, platinum rated office buildings, luxury residential communities, and large-scale urban planning efforts. No matter the size, use or type, almost all our projects have complex programs and unique constraints that create innovative solutions.   

We function as a studio environment that exemplifies our attitude towards collaboration – we are all in this together. We are not interested in titles, egos, or pride of authorship; the best idea wins, regardless of who brought it to the table. We believe that drawing is thinking and that communicating well, through models, drawings, and words, is paramount to creating successful projects. 

Above all, we are a firm that is founded on working hard, being in it together, and having fun along the way. If you enjoy this type of working environment, we would love to meet you! Our office is across from Denver’s Union Station in the Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighborhood. We currently have multiple positions open for Urban Designers, Architects, BIM Managers and Interior Designers at various levels of experience. 

  • Interior Designer, 10-15 years of experience
  • Architect, 2-6 years AND 10-15 years of experience
  • Urban Designer, 5-10 years of experience
  • BIM Manager, 5-8 years of experience

Applicants should submit their resume, portfolio and cover letter to Britt Walker in PDF form at bwalker@sararch.com with “SAR+ JOB” identified in the subject line.  We appreciate your interest in our firm!  

Please find specific details regarding available positions below.

Interior Designer, 10-15 years of experience

Preferred qualifications for this position:    

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Interior Design   
  • Proficiency in Revit, Adobe Suite, Office, SketchUp   


  • Collaborate on creative efforts for a variety of interior projects, developing overall design concepts and presentation strategies   
  • Select materials & FFE to create a unique and thoughtful space   
  • Maintain client, vendor and consultant relationships   
  • Potential for growth into leadership role across multiple interiors projects  
  • Responsible for architectural drawings   
  • Ownership of project tasks and responsibilities   
  • Knowledge of design principles, working knowledge of construction methods
  • Experience in furniture/finish selection and specification writing   
  • Team oriented and a willingness to be engaged in all aspects of the practice   
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment   
Architect, 2-6 years of experience & 10-15 years of experience  

Preferred qualifications for this position:    

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Architecture  
  • 2-6 or 10-15 years of professional work experience as an Architect   
  • Proficiency in Revit, Adobe Suite, Office, SketchUp  
  • Working knowledge of construction methods & design principles   
  • Ability to communicate design and planning concepts both graphically and verbally  
  • Team oriented and a willingness to be engaged in all aspects of the practice  
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment  
  • Experience in mixed-use, commercial, residential (condo-experience preferred), and campus typologies   

Desirable qualifications: regardless of level, we are looking for candidate(s) with Condominium design and construction administration experience.  

Responsibilities (pending years of experience)  

  • Researches, programs, plans, designs, and administers building projects for clients, applying knowledge of architectural design, construction detailing, construction procedures, zoning and building codes, and building materials and systems 
  • Lead and develop projects from early concept through design development 
  • Prepare drawings, specifications, and construction documents 
  • Design and document building projects of different type and scale 
  • Consult with clients to determine their requirements 
  • Coordinate preliminary architectural studies for major new structures and alterations to existing structures and site development 
  • Organize and manage permit documents 
  • Work with teams across business lines, in remote locations, and coordinate with subcontractors 
Urban Designer, 5-10 years of experience 

Preferred qualifications for this position:    

  • Professional degree in urban design  
  • 5-10 years of professional work experience as an Urban Designer   
  • Proficiency in 2D and 3D modeling and illustration tools, free hand drawing, and rendering  
  • Revit, Autocad, LandF/X, Sketchup, Lumion, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and other graphics programs is strongly preferred; GIS software is a plus  
  • Experience in mixed-use, commercial, residential, and campus typologies   
  • Team oriented and a willingness to be engaged in all aspects of the practice 


  • Generate increasingly sophisticated planning and design ideas, conducting high-level research, identifying and documenting precedents and relevant scale studies, envisioning, and developing diagrams, rendering site plans, and contributing to all manner of graphic and visual production 
  • Communicate design and planning concepts both graphically and verbally 
BIM Manager, 5-8 years of experience

This role is 50% human interface and 50% technology.  The BIM manager will spend most of their time working directly with teams to share best practices and standards. The role will be focused on Revit in the short term, will include other technology, software and support to projects in the mid-term, and eventually should grow into a computational designer role. The individual selected must understand and have experience implementing Revit on large architecture projects and knowledge of BIM strategies, training, and standards.  This position can be based anywhere in the US, but is preferred to be in Denver, Colorado.

Preferred qualifications for this position:   

  • Minimum of 5 years of BIM management/training/standards implementation experience.
  • Working experience with Dynamo and 3rd party add-ins 
  • Revit experience required.  Proficiency in current versions of MS Office, and Adobe Creative Suite preferred
  • Must be self-motivated to pursue both current and emerging best practices in current and new technology platforms 
  • Excellent written, verbal, and social skills 



  • Keeping teams up to speed on the latest standards and best practices 
  • Assist in development and implementation of BIM Standards and Libraries
  • Provide advanced modeling and content creation assistance to project teams as needed 


  • Responsible for firm BIM standards / best practices development, implementation, and enforcement on all Revit projects and associated content 
  • Refine and maintain existing Revit templates and content libraries in accordance with firm standards. Develop new templates and libraries as needed
  • Conduct quality control model reviews with project teams 
  • Knowledge of additional 3D modeling/rendering platforms and their inter-operability with Revit is a plus.  Currently this includes Sketchup, Rhino, Lumion, Enscape, and Dynamo
  • Coordinate and/or conduct group Revit training and presentations (basic through advanced level)
  • Conduct continuing education on new Revit processes and techniques 


  • Interface with IT to provide technical support, resolve technical issues for individuals and teams, and support the deployment of BIM/Rendering software
  • Customize software for specific firm needs
  • Health Insurance for employee
  • Dental Insurance for employee
  • 401K Benefits

Additional benefits:  

  • 50% contribution toward RTD passes 
  • 15 days of PTO (20 after 5 years) 
  • Annual bonus 
  • Supplemental health insurance benefits available 
  • Flexible work environment 
  • Access to personal financial advisor