We don't take ourselves too seriously.
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Our firm is founded on working hard, being in it together, and having fun along the way.

SAR+ Life

At SAR+ there is a willingness to listen, to come together and to find shared solutions. We are driven designers who push each other to innovate and execute the best ideas.

Ali Menke
Senior Associate
We take our work very seriously.

What we do is consequential. It's a privilege to be architects for our clients and communities.

Andy Rockmore, AIA

Listen. Think. Sketch. Repeat.

SAR+ Volunteer

We use models to communicate and explore.

Curiosity + Creativity
River Mile

SAR+ believes sustainability isn't a score, it's an attitude about living on this planet together. We prioritize dense, walkable, and integrated communities.

Casey Alexander
Sustainability Action Plan

SAR+ signed on to the AIA 2030 Commitment program and its goal of carbon-neutral buildings by the year 2030. Check out our Sustainability action plan here.

Our curiosity drives us to do our best work. We seek to design engaging and diverse environments.

City + Environment

We put the conversation with clients, users, community and stakeholders at the heart of the design process.

PearlWest Boulder
Meow Wolf Model
People + Ideas

Together we solve problems for people – everyone contributes, and the best idea wins.

The SAR+ Wall

They make solving very complex problems enjoyable. Everyone's just genuine, humble, smart, hardworking...and talented.

Rhys Duggan, Client
Revesco Properties, River Mile