Theo Luxury Residences

Denver, CO
Client: Continuum Partners
Theo Luxury Residences Theo Luxury Residences Theo Luxury Residences

In contrast to many residential projects underway in Denver’s thriving multi-family housing market, at the Theo Luxury residences, the design team focused on using fewer, well executed design moves to develop a clean, simple architectural language. As a formally simple building with a restrained material palette, the building’s architectural interest is derived from a unique, staggered window pattern, with carefully chosen accents focused on highlighting amenity areas.

Theo’s program includes 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units, in addition to modern studio residences. All kitchen and living spaces ‘live’ well thanks to expanded square footages in these particular living spaces. Ceiling height was a particularly important aspect of the unit design to both ownership and the design team, thus we made every effort to maintain maximum ceiling height. Rather than running soffits to accomodate venting requirements, the team employed a 4-sided cove strategy in bedrooms and living rooms, offering maximum height in the most central room spaces.

For Theo residents, parking is provided in a garage north of the building, accessed over a bridge connecting the garage and Theo at the 6th and 7th levels. This arrival experience offers a particularly strong opportunity to maximize the building’s beautiful western views. Additionally, common building amenities were also strategically located on the project’s western face to take advantage of these mountain and city views.