Performing Arts Center

Denver, CO
Client: Colorado Academy
Performing Arts Center Performing Arts Center Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center at Colorado Academy (re-) uses what works and provides enhancements and additions where they are needed to maintain the quality of education and programs on campus. Explorations of this project began with a master plan that identified key public and shared spaces on campus that served as gateways and that were in need of upgrades. Thus, the Performing Arts Center project ushers this 1977 building that served a purpose well for the past forty years into a new generation of students and educators that provides more programs for the school and for the public, that connects with more students, and that has increased visibility and presence on campus. At the same time, this project endeavors to maintain the nurturing quality that it has developed – in itself and within the student body – by developing spaces that are intimate (not institutional or over-bearing), functional yet playful. This allows this project to serve the spectrum of kindergartners through high school students at Colorado Academy.