Meow Wolf Denver

Denver, CO
Completion: 2021
Client: Revesco Properties
Meow Wolf Denver Meow Wolf Denver Meow Wolf Denver Meow Wolf Denver

When Revesco Properties, the lead developer of the River Mile Master Plan, asked Shears Adkins Rockmore (SA+R)  where they might be able to fit an early occupant onto their urban property, the team was beyond thrilled to learn it was to be a site for Meow Wolf Denver. The provocative arts organization fit well with the vision for the district.

Our team quickly studied various site options in pursuit of creating a solution that would align with the mission of Meow Wolf while also future-proofing the vast site for its longer term development vision. The ultimate site selected for Meow Wolf Denver is bound by an interwoven web of surrounding highway infrastructure not only achieved those goals, but thrilled the entire team. The unusual land use sets a creative bar for future development in an area with multiple infrastructure constraints. The site’s parameters also set the stage for a unique, outward architectural expression. 

Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe, New Mexico based arts and entertainment company. They are a Public Benefit Corporation, a B Corp, that creates immersive, interactive spatial experiences to transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration. The group’s first permanent installation, launched in March 2016 in Santa Fe to great acclaim. This site showcases the House of Eternal Return, where guests discover a multidimensional mystery house with secret passages, portals to magical worlds, and mesmerizing art exhibits.