Beacon 85

Denver, CO
Completion: 2017
Client: Lennar Multifamily Communities (LMC)
Photography by: Les Tirmenstein
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“It’s at the edge of the City… and the Base of the Mountains where you find yourself, Home”

Located in Lakewood, Colorado, Denver’s mountain-side neighboring community, the Beacon 85 apartments were designed to provide seamless access for those looking to live the balance between an urban and mountainous way of life on Colorado’s Front Range. The 334-unit community, densely designed within a 3.75 acre lot, offers residents easy access- via light rail or vehicle- to Denver’s downtown; as well as a direct highway into the famed Rocky Mountains. This unique location drove the design of the community from day one. All architectural and interior design decisions were directly informed by the dual nature of both urban living and mountain recreation.

When the SA+R interiors team considered the project’s design mantra, they decided to embrace this locational duality and weave it directly into the creative choices throughout the 368,000 square foot building. Every other floor was designed to reflect either a more urban feel – with light, bright, sleek conditions – or a mountainous feel – with dark, wood-clad choices throughout hallways, common spaces, and unit interiors. Amenity spaces such as the 5th floor “sky lounge,” the work room, the entertaining kitchen, the fitness studio, and shuffle board lounge also embraced this duality with the integration of city maps and mountain trail maps, furnishing selections that showcase one of the two locales, and a similar play between the light and dark palettes of the individual floors. Throughout the project a strong, rich color integration adds a sense of vibrance and playfulness as residents weave through the series of highly interactive spaces. In addition to a wine storage room, a gear storage shed, and a bike workshop, a large, elevated pool deck, complete with a heated pool, fire pits, and multi-purpose spaces, provides a four-season outdoor space unique for the Lakewood area.