Galvanize Boulder

Walnut Street, Boulder, CO
Completion: 2016
Client: Galvanize
Photography by: Ehren Joseph
Galvanize Boulder Galvanize Boulder Galvanize Boulder Galvanize Boulder Galvanize Boulder Galvanize Boulder Galvanize Boulder Galvanize Boulder

This Denver-based, technology-focused coworking company came to SA+R after deciding to establish their first location outside of the capital city within the first two floors of our PearlWest project in Boulder, Colorado. Given our authorship of the building’s design concept, the SA+R team was well-prepared to deliver a beautiful interior space, helping the company adapt to the unique Boulder culture in the process.

As a coworking company, Galvanize needed a mix of large, shared open spaces as well as smaller, private office spaces available for individual or small group rental.  This required careful consideration of acoustics throughout, given the mixed nature of quiet, individual work and group, collaborative work. On the second floor, the company also needed a space designed to host educational courses – an important part of their business model – which help to provide ongoing education for the venue’s current tenants and also help attract new employees and tenants into the Galvanize community. The two floors are connected with a large, multi-use stairwell designed for both circulation and gathering. This stair is lit from above by a large, beautiful  light well that had been designed into the building’s core.

At the ground floor entry, a café was designed to help draw in additional foot traffic and also provide food and beverage service to the Galvanize community. This space incorporated the use of found and recovered materials, an important step to help the brand attract the Boulder population.