DEN Master Plan

Denver, CO
Client: DEN Real Estate
Design Partners: Livable Cities Studio
DEN Master Plan DEN Master Plan

As the Denver International Airport (DEN) team has grown their focus on diversifying the uses for their expansive real estate holdings in recent years, the organization has conducted a series of strategic real estate development steps. After the creation of a Strategic Development Plan, DEN selected a small group of planning and design teams in late 2018 to create site-specific plans for four strategic private development districts across its 53-square miles of land.

The SA+R team, along with consulting partner Livable Cities Studio, is planning development strategies and testing conceptual configurations for the four districts. In addition to the Urban Design work , our firm is supporting the entire DEN Real Estate team’s effort through the creation of entitlement strategies, communication visuals and graphics, and renderings, as they advance their plans for the integration of global commerce across the site.