We’re excited to announce that the re-zoning of the historic Loretto Heights campus was unanimously approved by Denver’s City Council on Monday, May 10th. Our team has been working with Andy Klein and Mark Witkiewicz at Westside Investment Partners to listen to the community and help bring their vision to life for the next great chapter of Loretto Heights.

Future development for the 71-acre property will include the following:

  • Adaptive re-use of the campus’ historic structures
  • Honoring and upholding historic open spaces as well as views to and from the campus
  • New mixed-use development to improve the campus’ presence on Federal Blvd and the important current and future urban corridor in Denver
  • Residential housing including for-sale and rental residences that are located in a vibrant community while maintaining affordability
Loretto Heights
A big shoutout goes to SAR+’s Dan Craig and Chris Shears for the countless hours spent working with Westside’s team and the Loretto Heights community to create a plan that honors the past while looking towards the future.