We are proud to share that The River Mile, designed in collaboration with Dialog Design, has been recognized with a 2020 American Planning Association (APA) Merit Award in the Sustainability and Environmental planning category! The project provided an opportunity for the team to completely rethink the relationship and connections between the City and the River. Located along a mile of the South Platte River, it’s envisioned as a sustainable, walkable downtown neighborhood for all. It will feature state-of-the-art residences for everyone – with public parks and promenades, a new elementary school, and a variety of shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural destinations essential for family life in the city.

The River Mile Master Plan
Master Plan
The River Mile Intermodel Transit
Intermodal Transit






The River Mile Sections
Public Realm
The River Mile Promenade
Residential Connection
The River Mile Central Plaza
Central Plaza
The River Mile - Push Pull
The “Push-Pull”
The River Mile - River Point
River Point
The River Mile - River
The River
The River Mile Streets
The River Mile Yoga Green
The River Mile - New Neighborhood for Downtown Denver
A New Neighborhood for Downtown Denver