In May 2024, we hit a major milestone by becoming the third architectural firm in Colorado to earn a JUST 2.0 label from the international Living Future Institute (ILFI). This journey started back in 2020 when we signed the AIA 2030 commitment, sparking broader discussions about what sustainability truly means to us. These conversations led to the development of a firm-wide Sustainability Action Plan and an exploration of how social equity fits into our goal of becoming a truly sustainable organization.

Fast forward to 2022, when we continued these critical conversations, diving into the importance of both within our firm and in the way we design our projects. After a lot of learning, we decided to back up our words with action and show our dedication to social justice and equity by applying for the JUST label.

We are both proud of our label and see it as a starting point to ongoing growth for our firm. Some of our level 1 categories are the framework for an ongoing to-do list while others are deliberate choices where we find that our office policies don’t align with the metrics that JUST uses despite achieving the same goals. Our hope is that this label is a talking point for our clients, consultants and other collaborators to get to know us better. Please ask us about our label and any categories you are curious about!

The JUST label is a transparency tool that helps us in several ways:

  • It shows our commitment to social justice and equity.
  • It boosts our focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion through a clear and thorough third-party framework.
  • It provides a roadmap to keep our employees motivated and engaged, connecting them strongly to our purpose and values.
  • It enhances our ability to recruit, retain, and engage top talent.

We’re proud of this achievement and excited about the positive impact it will have on our team and community!