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Everyone is really passionate about good architecture and we always strive to prioritize our projects. It's an entrepreneurial environment - if there’s something you’re interested in pursuing or cultivating within the office, it’s supported and encouraged.
Amy McCann
Alex Tyson
SAR+ Since 2022

Alex Tyson

Design Professional


Goshen, Indiana

Years of Experience:

One year and counting!

What’s your primary role at SAR+?

Architectural Designer

What brought you to architecture/interior design?

As a kid, I was always excited when we had art day at school, I knew there was something there when my art projects started turning out better than my brothers. In high school my mom encouraged (forced) me to take a drafting class, I reluctantly said yes, but as the semester when on I quickly fell in love with the architectural drafting content that was covered. I like to say that I get my right brain from my mother and left from my father, architecture merges these two halves in a brilliant cohesion that I love.

What projects are you currently working on at SAR+?

I am currently working on the Ironton Apartments located in the RiNo district of Denver. I have also been periodically shooting drone photos for various projects that need it as well!

Favorite building, place, or destination:

I will always remember my first visit to Chicago in college, we took an architectural boat tour down the Chicago River. This was one of the most awe-inspiring experiences and most influential trips of my architectural career. A for-sure rec if you ever get the chance to do it!

If you weren’t an Architect/Interior Designer/Planner, what would you be?

Professional spikeball player is definitely up there.

What’s your favorite memory at SAR+?

I was in a meeting around Halloween time, we were trying to figure out a design problem and in strolls Evel Knievel with a straight face ready to aid in the design solution.

Go-to beverage?

Cold chocolate milk on a hot summer day.

Favorite song?

Spotify wrapped says “white noise for sleeping” was my most listened to song in 2021, so we’ll go with that one.